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The Amazing Technology That Allows You To Do This Is Called Ionic.
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Would you Rather Pay £17,059 To Have A Mobile App Made...Or Learn How To Do It Yourself In One Evening?

Hello Bored, Creative, Unique Individual In Search Of A New Exciting and Useful Skill,

Do you spend most of your evenings sat on Facebook or watching TV wishing you could be doing something more creative? Would you like to join in with something that is currently glamorised as being extremely cool with the potential to make money?

Don't worry, you're not alone! I too know the exact same feeling and I have a solution that I'll be stunned if you say no to: Learn How To Make Mobiles Apps In 3 Hours.

Do you want a 100% Guranteed way of following a simple guide with all the easy to follow steps needed to make and release your own mobile apps on the stores in just a few hours!? If so, you'll want to keep reading… Here’s why.

I, Me, Myself, Jason Nesbitt have spent the last few months writing the only guide you’ll ever need to fully learn how to make your own apps.

Below are a few reasons why you should be interested:

  • I am an award winning Computer Scientist with a First Class Honours Degree

  • I have spent over 5 years in the tech industry – Teaching, Coding, Presenting and everything in between

  • 100% Guarantee you’ll love the guide – or you get all of your money back AND get to keep the guide

  • I have gained experience from Small and Large companies ranging from Charities to the large credit company Experian

  • Over 400 new Ionic projects are started every single day! Oh, it’s popular!
Learn App Dev Book

Why Should You Care?

I’m very proud of my work and accomplishments but don’t tell you this to brag. I know the exact frustration and boredom that you feel and know that you’ll jump at the chance to learn this amazing skill from a trustworthy individual who can deliver on his promises!

This page isn’t about me and my work but about you and how to give you the answer to your boredom by introducing you to the exciting world of mobile app creation!

I have a large mission ahead of me and I very much need your help for it. My mission is to show how simple app development is and teach it to as many people as possible! Read on and discover how the Learn App Dev eBook guide will help me achieve this mammoth of a mission and you can decide if it’s right for you…

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Here’s What You Get?

The Official Learn App Dev eBook will be instantly emailed to you so you can get learning straight away.

The start of the eBook will describe where you can download a free example app to learn from.

I would love to say that you get more but this is seriously all you need to learn how to make your own mobile apps.

I know it’s hard to commit to buying anything these days. That’s why I want to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting when you get your copy of the best guide to mobile app development on the market. Below is the chapter list to show you:

You can let your creativity flow and start getting excited...My goal is to simply explain how anyone can make mobile apps, regardless of how technical and used to computers they are!

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Unsure? Perhaps This Free Intro Guide Is For You

Not sure whether this guide will work for you? Why not download the free mini version to see if I can be trusted when I say that ANYONE can follow this guide easily.

This exact copy of the first 20 pages of the guide and will get you up and running and teach you how to create a custom app in the browser. Feed your creative side and start building something cool right now.

If you love it, as I’m positive you will, you can always come back to get the full guide and continue your journey of app development to completion.

Enter your email address below now and I will send you a FREE eBook guide that start you on your mobile app development journey and show you how easy it really is to make and release your own apps!

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You'll love it - I guarantee it! As a matter of fact...

If you're not 100% completely satisfied



No get outs or hidden away terms and conditions just a rock solid guarantee that if you put the effort in, you’ll learn how to make mobile apps!


This isn't in any way a get rich quick guide. Following every step will not provide you will the skils to make complicated apps or games!

It will, however, give you an introduction to the mobile development world and give you all of the steps to create a simple app that looks very professional! This shouldn't be understated. The kind of app you can make is:

I’m confident enough to give 100% Guarantee, but Don’t Take Just My Word For It:

Firstly, I really like and appreciate the tone of writing used in this book. It seems very casual and gives the sense that I am being spoken to directly. Also, the occasional insertion of humor makes the text far more interesting. In addition, the layout of the writing (distinct sections without long paragraphs) makes it easier to read and not look like a set of boring words. The use of pictures and screenshots exceptionally simplifies the explanations of what to do as this makes it much easier to follow along and understand all the steps required. Essentially, all these features makes the content seem less technical and complicated.

Now, with respect to actually creating my own app, the process – though seemingly tedious – was simple and uncomplicated. Occasionally, however, I would get a little confused and would need to reread the specific step a few times in order to understand what I was supposed to do (please be mindful that this feedback is subjective and based on my individual level of comprehension). The entire process took about 3 hours to complete (with occasional 5-10 minute breaks). However, I was able to successfully create my own app for my Android smartphone. I must admit that this was an exciting and fascinating experience for me as I have little knowledge of technology-related things and I didn’t believe I could do something like this on my own. The guide is generally self-explanatory and I didn’t need to look elsewhere for assistance or clarification. I would definitely recommend it to anyone – for business purposes or otherwise – to use this book to create their own app.

Jamilia - Student

Time To Imagine Yourself...As A Developer

Imagine being sat in your own bedroom. You look around and see all the usual items...a TV, some books on the side, some clothes that you haven’t quite found the willpower to put away yet.

It’s just like any normal evening, except this time you’re not bored endlessly flipping through TV channels in the hope of finding something that will entertain you and make you feel like you’re doing something productive. Instead, you are actually doing something productive!

You are following the footsteps of all the greats like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jaakko Iisalo (Angry Birds) and Jan Koum (What’s App) by getting hands on with your computer and making mobile apps.

After following the guide for a few hours, you make a few mistakes, get a bit frustrated and shake your computer. You suddenly get the urge to order a big pizza, drink lots of coke and snack on minstrels (don’t worry, that’s totally normal).

These few hours are far from lost as you finish the majority of the guide and realise that you have officially became a coder. You can’t unlearn it! You know how to do all kinds of cool things and your mind races with the possibility of the amount of apps you can make.

Slaving away more of the night time, you finally press the run button and the app you created lights up on your own mobile phone! A fit of excitement propels you out of the room to find the closest human being possible, regardless of whether they are awake or not. You show them the app with a grin the size of a cheshire cat and await their response:

‘Err, great...what does it do?’

is the unexpected response you receive - BUT you know that this is just the start and the grin remains as prominent and painful as before. You reply:

‘Well, not a lot yet. But I can make it do anything. And put it on any phone I get my hands on. And when it’s ready, I can release it to every Android, iPhone and iPad in the world!’.

Finding The Simple Secret To Mobile App Development

In a previous life, I worked on mobile development for a very small company that had a super niche product.

It came to the dreaded time of having to rebuild the mobile app. The reason for our concern was because we were aware of how long the previous version of the app took - just under 1 year with 2 full time developers! And, we also knew how complicated it was to make.

Before starting the work in the way that we had always done it, we decided to do some research to see if any advancements had been made in the world of mobile development, and it's safe to say that there definitely had been!

The research certainly paid off - Using Ionic, we managed to create the majority of the same app with 2 developers in just 4 months. That is well under half the amount of time with a lot less of the headaches!

Our app wasn't simple. Lots of data flowing from the app to the Internet, taking pictures, showing maps etc. This was a full blown piece of app store art work - Ionic handled all of it.

I want to make it clear that this guide WILL NOT show you how to create the next Angry Birds and will only cover the simplistic features of an app that make it most useful. BUT it will certainly start you on an exciting, easy flowing and simple journey that will get you to the stage of being able to build a useful functional app that is very worthy of any app store.

The reason for writing this guide is because I want to share the simple secret of app development that I discovered with people just like you.

I have spent a lot of time fine tuning with other proofreaders and eager participants to make sure that every step is as simple to follow as advertised and produces the perfect result for you.

It's a very small amount of money so I urge you to skip the procrastination, get the guide now and learn how to make apps now.

If the guide doesn't work or you never get around to it, then let me know and I'll give you 100% of your money back - Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions And Concerns

It will be too much effort and I would never be able to make an app myself - I don’t have the technical knowledge!

No technical knowledge is needed. It has been proven by non-technical people that they are able to follow the dummy proof steps to make an app successfully without too much effort. If you ever had a MySpace account...then you are more than qualified!

It would take too much time to learn everything and I’m too busy/old to learn a new thing as complicated as this

A non-technical person managed to follow the guide and make an app, without releasing it, in just 3 hours! That means that the app can be created and fully functional in one evening.

I would never be able to make an app that is good enough to be released or make any money

With just a bit of imagination, an app that can make money can be made. Yes, games are very hard to make but that’s not something that even I would want to invest time in. You can make money inadvertently by creating an app for your business that creates more awareness and takes more bookings/sells more etc. You could make an information app to sell. As I said, just a bit of imagination needed.

Why should I buy this now?

I’ll answer this question with 3 very convincing facts:

1. The app store is becoming more and more crowded so it’s best to get your app idea out there as quickly as possible.

2. I am planning on putting the project on hold soon while I work on more literature for it so it might not be available for long.

3. As a good friend of mine used to always say, strike while the iron is hot. Buy the guide while you’re interested in it now and spend this very evening creating your app. You can definitely finish the guide in one evening, as people have done before.

What can I do to make this offer even more compelling?

Want me to sweeten the deal a bit more? I’ll send you template apps that you can work from to customise to make your own in the future as soon as they’re made, completely for free! I’m currently deciding which templates to make so if you have any suggestions, let me know and you can have the majority of the app made for you, for free!

How do I know this really works?

This really works, because it has been proven to work! I can’t think of anything more convincing that to tell you that people with very little technical knowledge have picked up this guide, and created an app in one evening. Now, it’s your turn.

I don’t know if this is a good investment (and/or I’m not sure I have the money to spare)

OK, let’s put you into 2 different categories. You either already want an app, or you don’t already want an app:

I already want an app: If you have done any research, then you are probably aware how much apps cost to make. You can either get a degree (£9k a year!), learn on expensive courses, or pay someone else to make it. Just in case you’re interested in the latter...It costs around £17k to have a full app made on average! This guide should be a no brainer for you guys as you can learn all that you need to know in one evening.

I don’t already want an app: Well, you’ve read this far so the idea of making an app must interest you. Why don’t you skip one night, and with the money you save you can buy the guide, spend that very evening learning an amazingly rewarding and fun skill and create your first own app.

What do other people think about this offer?

In all honesty...people think I’m slightly mad for selling the guide for such a small amount. I’ve trimmed the fat from any course that would teach this skill and stuck with the most useful, basic techniques to get results instantly. The offer can’t stay this cheap for long though. I’m only pricing it low as an introductory price and in the future, I am also considering doing training in person, which would obviously cost a lot more. So get your hands on the complete guide for a bargain price right now.

I wonder if I can get this information without paying for it?

You have to pay to get this info. You could try and figure it out yourself but it would take a very long time and you would make a lot of mistakes along the way.

The product has been tested and proven to work, but it is in a trial stage and the pricing will be going up to £99.99 soon, so if you’re tempted at all, I recommend getting it for this reduced price and reaping the benefits early.

What will I learn? Is it worth it?

Learn how to make an app Today!

App development courses can cost around £3,000+!
There are a few University and online courses that exist to teach you how to create an app yourself but not only are they expensive, they can take years to complete and provide you with an impressive amount of unnecessary information that does not get you to your goal of a final product quickly at all!

This guide has already been proven to work for many people. Do you want to be next?

Only continue reading if you are serious about easily creating an app yourself

The problem with purchasing anything like this guide is that you need to make sure you are not like the majority and follow through with the implementation of it. There have been too many examples to count of people that have followed the step by step process within this guide and created a fully functional app on Android and iOS far quicker than expected and entirely by themselves.

Read a perfect example of one of these people above.

Why wait? You could begin creating your own app in no time by clicking the button below!

Want to know how to quickly set up your development environment?

Follow simple steps that will tell you exactly what to install to turn your own laptop/computer into a development environment

You don't need a powerful machine at all, the computer you are sat on is the perfect tool to allow you to start creating amazing apps.

The guide will talk you through the step by step the process of:

  • Installing the simple text editor needed to make the apps
  • Setting up the Ionic framework that makes everything so easy
  • Downloading and installing the required Software Development Kits for Android and iOS
  • Getting an App project up and running and viewing it on your Internet browser!
  • Full process of releasing your App on the Google Play Store
  • Full process of releasing your App on the Apple App Store

As well as much more!

Want to know how to do minimum work to get an amazing looking app in hardly any time?

Follow the guide that pays great attention to the 80/20 rule! 80% of the output by only knowing 20% of the coding knowledge

There are 900,000+ iPhone and iPad apps in the Apple App store that have been downloaded over 50 billion times! I fully believe that any business that isn't willing to create an app of their own will fall behind in the exact same way that companies without websites do now!

You needn't spend years of your life learning how to code when there is a proven method of minimum steps that can be followed to produce something that looks like it was created a professional software company.

Don't be concerned if you know very little about technology - It made for people in your exact situation. There are many screenshots and in depth explainations of every part of the guide.

Want to know how to run the app on your own, and friends, mobiles to see your work in progress?

That's right, you can plug in anyones phone to your computer and get a running version for them to play with before releasing

This is an extremely useful aspect of development as you can get people you know to do a full test of your app before releasing it. This is especially neccessary when releasing on iOS as it can take up to 2 weeks for the certification to finish before the app is released to the public.

Learn App Dev will talk you through the steps of making any Android or iOS mobile a test device so you can run your app on it. As always, the steps are very simple and easy to follow so you don't need to think too much.

Want to know how to sign up to the Google & iOS app stores and release your app?

Now that all of the development has been done, it's time to get your app out into the real world...Learn App Dev doesn't forget about this important part of the process

The guide has very simple steps that will describe how to Sign up to the App Stores, create the app file that is sent to the App Stores and release these apps

There is even information to create great looking download buttons as you can see next to this paragraph

If you have any questions either before or after getting the guide, please message me below and I’ll happily get back to you:

Fill out my online form.

P.S. 6 Amazing Reasons To Get The Guide Right Now!

Amazing Reason No.1 You'll get a FREE App Template to work with so you’ll have your own app without doing any work! Using this free app template makes the learning process 107% easier (official statistic…)

Amazing Reason No.2 Free Future App Templates - getting the guide now will put you first in line for future App Templates. You might even end up with a template that is exactly the App you want - All you’ll need to do is change the name of it!

Amazing Reason No.3 Created By An Award Winning Technology Teacher - I’ve been in the industry for over 5 years and am happy to help, feel free to ask me anything (even non mobile development related)!

Amazing Reason No.4 Learn A New Amazing Skill - Make all of your friends and family jealous by quickly making apps that they can download on the App Stores.

Amazing Reason No.5 Make Some Money - We could all use more money, and you certainly wouldn’t be the first or the last if you end up making money from App(s) that you make.

Amazing Reason No.6 Don't Miss Out - I don’t know how long this discounted offer will be available. £29.99 is the introductory price so it will be going back up to the retail value soon. Still unsure? Have any questions? Contact me in the form above, right now!

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